Friday, 21 November 2014

The last true mouthpiece!

 On waking up from a few days of attacks of rotten illness and a good old bout of self-doubt, questioning and feeling terribly sorry for myself (I think incessant sneezing does that to some people), I feel strong again, praise God. I dreamed I was a badly behaved minister, and, despite being used to marry a couple, I was stealing bread. 

 On greeting our loving heavenly Father, I am presented with a scripture from Galatians 1:8 and repeated in verse 9; But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you, other than that we have preached, let him be (ac)cursed. 

With writing, editing and having on-line ministry, I spend a much higher percentage of time on-line than your average person, and, also, being a highly emotional creative, I see, feel, experience and am aware of so much more than Jo Average and that's just my natural character, before any faith is mentioned. Many times it's been spoken over me 'oh you think too much girl'. Do I? Begs to question that on rare occasions I have come across similar 'creative types' as myself, that they so naturally edify, encourage wholeheartedly and assure me that it's the 95 percentile that actually don't 'get it'. However, on saying that, I vehemently deny, that I neither 'get it', but, do feel that the creator does see fit to show me things that even many leader's won't hear, or will chose not to.

 I have, in my later walk, been exceptionally blessed with the Shepherd's that cover me, in as much that they have ears to hear and I am so grateful to be able to express and be judged accordingly and guided in love, if I have things off point, which I fully admit that I often do. Often; although I have tried to express myself, yet not having been raised in the word, I have been called both prideful, outspoken and told that I don't understand. One occasion in particular springs to mind. I clearly understood the vision that the Father had shown to me in His great mercy. What I hadn't learned yet at that point were times and seasons and when not to speak unless led by the Holy Spirit. I told my (then) Pastors wife, there will be an earthquake in China and she went berserk feeding me proverbs 18:21 and commanding me to speak life telling me I hadn't been born again long enough and to pull down vain imaginations. The same woman that had restrained me by the wrists and shook me angrily and had me in tears as she laid down the law down telling me that I could not marry the man I felt destined to be with at that time, quoting, that the Bible says conform to all authority over you, and that means me and Pastor, she said, and I am saying no; her erroneous behaviour, full blown antithesis of what she spoke to be. If you go with him, we will not either marry you, or bless this, she said. That was the day I left that church for good. The timing was pretty freaky as it was only within a month that earthquakes came forth in China. 

 On the subject of not being a born again long enough, and, having been raised as a Catholic - another subject matter entirely, I claim no religious title and don't ever want that, as I work out my salvation daily in growth and lessons learned. I believe religion to be exceptionally dangerous from experience. I believe that it is man made and designed to control the masses. I also believe that even many well meaning church's have far too many rules and regulations in place that are no where near in line with the word. I am neither born a Jew or speak anything other than being a born again believer as to John 3:3. The word Christian it's self was invented by human's. 

 After Yeshua's resurrection and ascension, the Apostles built the church, and great number's were added daily, but they did not use the title of Christian, neither did they study theology, have man made letter's after their names to confirm or prove their position in faith or go to Bible colleges. I see flaws in many area's of both the church and the flock, including myself, of which there are too many to mention specifically, but, this particular blog is brought for one that is being used to help my own personal growth through the pains and trials of life, which, believe me are very real.

A very deep and beautiful song was shared with me, which has touched me in a major way. The lyrics said 'my lover's got humour, she's the giggle at a funeral, know's everybody's disapproval, if the heaven's ever did speak, she's the last true mouthpiece'.  Oh myyyyyyyyyyy goodness, never were truer words were spoken about me, and yet, yeah, I love me, for all that I am, for all of my faults. I was blessed to be encouraged by the words of someone who said to me 'we're all flawed, no-one leaves this earth pure, not even babies. Think about that the next time someone point's a finger in your face and say's differently. Wow!! Now THAT'S my vibe - real talk, which now, brings me to the subject of the quoted scripture above. 

I have been in such oppression many times over 'the word' over the years. It's taken me a very very long time to understand two realities. Number one, that much has been lost and altered in translation from the Hebrew, through the Greek and finally, Western man's interpretation, not to mention the books that were removed - well errrm, if it's Gods word, then how does that line up with the aforementioned scripture - food for thought indeed, and number 2, that the oh so holy types of people who throw the word as a response on other's to either criticize or avoid discussion, are no better than me actually.

 I love God and believe completely, I receive Jesus Christ as He is known in the West, because I know Him and have had three personal encounter's with Him, but I speak true - as to the song, the last true mouthpiece, a modern female Jeremiah type. The Bible has been manipulated and altered by human beings and that's a fact. My God tells me study to show yourself approved - do you know what I found out when I studied hell? That there is no such word. The words in original Torah are Hades and Shoel and their meaning is grave. Would this bring one to believe that once this body dies, the born again transcend to heaven and the other's just die and lie in a grave? That hell is this earth here and now? I don't know but I will not stop searching. That the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom is not the word of God. How can I fear unconditional love? The original scriptures say work out your salvation in awe and amazement, not fear and trembling, bringing the meaning of the other one to be, to be in awe of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. I need grace in abundance as I get very frustrated at the phrases the masses use, such as, I need a God fearing man. No, I will not do fear. If that's so, then how do the fifty plus scriptures of 'do not fear' line up. It is no wonder I found the scriptures so confusing and hypocritical for so long. Mankind has poked and messed around with them to suit themselves. I thank God for prayers as this time with Him is what leads me to search and discover.

I will bless the Lord at all times and I stand firm as to Hebrews 4:12 which I believe to be correctly translated but I refuse to be so obsessed with modern day teaching's that I either lose myself or become, unfortunately, like some, devil obsessed. I am absolutely tired of hearing humans use the term, it's an attack of the devil on real life, day to day things that go wrong. I am fully aware that the spiritual realm is very real, but hey, a lot are seeming to forget that so is the earth that we live on and the choices we make. In no way do I underestimate fiery darts or disrespect my creator, in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but, the devil does not make someone miss a bus or their shirt tear...things happen. I heard a woman speak that the devil broke her central heating system. No, the central heating system either needed a service or a part broke down because things wear out. It's insane to be so heavenly minded that we are no good for God to use down here on earth. We are human beings and are not there yet. One woman I know locks herself in her house and will only listen to Kenneth Copeland. That poor dear quotes 'and Kenneth said' from morning until night 24/7 and it's unhealthy! Another couple refuse to allow anyone into their home unless they are born again. Faith and the blessing of grace are there so that when we do mess up as mere human's, and we will, we have forgiveness and are redeemed by the blood of the lamb. 

Pepper - out! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Flesh v Spirit. (Given Sept. 17th 2011)

 Nehemiah 2:4 The king said to me, “What is it you want?”     ''''''''''''''''''''''''''Then I prayed to the God of heaven'''''''''''''''''''''''''''', 5, and THEN I answered the king!

This man was WISE - he wouldn't even answer a KING who was kind enough to ask WHAT HE 'WANTED' !!

Oh how that would have been so much easier and self-gratifying/comforting to just have it all from the king handed out on a plate instantly and what the natural man leans to; and, in the short term can be an easier option. BUT NO! Nehemiah  did what we ALL have learn to do and practice daily and regularly and ASKED GOD FIRST as to 'lean NOT on the understanding of our flesh'.

Many phrases from other humans used to, at one stage make me angry as the Father used me to correct. Phrases such as, 'well I think' 'Well I just thought' 'Well it seemed' 'oh but it felt' 'well I was trying'  Despite being a relatively new Christian to those raised in the word and having no issues to always state this TRUTH, GOD had decided and shown me very deeply, very quickly and I was BLESSED to 'click on' to this making scriptures a part of our DNA so that they manifest out of us, my favourite then, and still stands live today, being proverbs

 I just simply couldn't comprehend why these seasoned people, some of who had walked like this for over 50 years were still using these flesh phrases, yet were preaching the word as they went - it just didn't make sense to me, so I questioned only to be totally patronized with 'oh you don't understand - you're just a baby Christian on milk and it will be many years before you get to meat'..... SAY'S WHO???? (I used to think), GOD is the BOSS not us, and, when I talked to him about this (as they were in fact insulting me, as I already saw and understood deeper), what I didn't yet know, because of being a 'baby' Christian (and I STILL AM and will ALWAYS need my milk as well as my meat that HE gave so quickly), then, what I didn't know yet was the following ..............  GOD told me, he said not all are called to the same level of anointing.

It is there for anyone who reaches, but many will never experience this depth of understanding, so instead of 'trying' to argue what you and I know is correct against them (as 'trying' is also my flesh - lesson learned and understood; Hallelujah Father), then this lesson showed me deeper personally too.

What I KNOW without question is, that the phrase that I use many, many times which came from a rap about the WORD that I wrote is imperative. That phrase is 'WORD OF GOD, BACKBONE FOR LIFE, S'alright'!

Therefore, whilst my blessed given teachings and essence of my own little self can and do reach many in my natural being and for our own ministry purpose, this goes out to those who don't 'FEEL' me personally and want to make it personal when IT's NOT, it's KINGDOM WORK! Word up!

There is a HUGE difference in talking the talk and walking the walk. What we think, feel, sense, imagine, even are VERY SURE of in a blessing of discernment is NOT VALID and the story of Nehemiah again proves the point straight out and true. He was very sad, surely it would have been natural to get what he wanted from the king to sooth his emotions. YES IT WOULD!

All I can do is THANK MY GOD that by learning from Nehemiah's story, that one TINY sentence ........  ''''''''''''''''''''''''''Then I prayed to the God of heaven'''''''''''''''''''''''''''', 5, and THEN I answered the king! Has given me an opening to teach for Jesus with the WORD OF GOD as backbone for life and now, NO-ONE can make it personal as the word doesn't LIE!

BE AWARE of the dangers of the flesh!

BE AWARE that the devil can appear as an angel of light.

FOUR TIMES I have been personally fooled by false prophets throughout my growth, and, so-called men of GOD that KNEW the WORD! The devil knows the scriptures and if a person is not snuggled up tight and close to Jesus in all thoughts, deeds and actions, then YES he even uses other Christians to do his filthy work and many times, those poor people have no clue themselves.

I dreamed of the planes causing mass death, havoc and destruction 3 weeks before they hit the towers. It was real that dream and I KNEW something horrific was going to happen.

 The devil went to deep extremes with me, fooled me with dreams, he showed me those towers BEFORE he smashed them up and then conned me through me wanting to be loved, even taking me all the way to the city of my hearts desire 3400 miles away and giving me a glimpse of America and then snatching it all back away which almost killed me in it's self.

My cases were packed, I had been to CITY HALL to see where I would be married to this already married man who was a LIAR and abuser. This was all because I ran on emotions - MY FLESH because having been abused since aged 3, I was soooooooooo desperate to be loved, that the devil worked me BIG TIME.

This story is only ONE of many, many in my short life. I don't think I can EVER write a whole testimony of my life as it would be a movie series bigger than star wars, in what I have overcome abuse wise. But I AM HAPPY.

I am on the victory side  IN JESUS NAME; because, despite the devil taking me to to suicide, OUR GOD SAVES and why I KNOW that I am to teach and keep on teaching of the seriousness and severity of the REAL DANGER of leaning on flesh! So, the WORD OF GOD taught me from Nehemiah to remind us all and including myself as I live and grow in HIM, working out my salvation daily that not even a prophet can be taken as TRUTH without FIRST ASKING GOD.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Real talk alert - To the self-titled and appointed.

Updated edit July 23rd 2014.

June 28, 2012 at 12:09pm
***Real talk alert*** 

I muse....hmmmmm!!! How to express the following truth in grace. What truth? A truth that many churches won't address. Some don't like disharmony among the flock, some, for whatever their own reason's are and , so they shall make their choices in free will, but, well, me being me, I tell it how it is as I work out my salvation daily and know fine well that I make many mistakes, knowing also, that I'm loved immensely always; firstly by the Father and then from all the (non) blood family. ...ah so, well, as it goes, the subject that no-one dare address.....self-appointed ministers and preachers, in 'real' life (lol), and on-line (ouch - this can be the worst type for real).

 Hey, I'm a loud, proud God girl and stand safe and sane ( in Him). I absolutely decree and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life, BUT, and this is NOT a 'but' to be irreverent, (before any clever so and so out there decides to throw that one this way); the fact is that there is no benefit whatsoever in being so faith obsessed that we are no use to God whilst down here in earth.

 Sometimes people simply need an ear, a kind smile, a seat on a bus even. My WORD is live, powerful and manifest and I am blessed to understand and know that power, but some people need a reality check. Quoting blind scriptures from morning until night and never having anything at all to do with life or the earth we live upon, can effectually harm and push away those very people that we are called to reach and love. Unsaved people neither know or understand the Word. I know that I most certainly didn't, and the fact is, that it was those overly and 'super-spiritual' types that pushed me AWAY AND BACK OUT of faith at one point as all they did was quote scriptures and be screaming out hallelujah's without an ounce of compassion. The Holy Spirit is not deaf and the devil knows the word better than any humans.

 Just because an individual quotes the scriptures, no more means that they are any more righteous than you or I. Anyone can either go to Bible college and/or use an on-line concordance. I repeat...... The enemy knows the full scriptures much better than any human being ever could.  This piece of writing is given as I reach for our Lord to teach people NOT to EVER put human beings on a pedestal. I overcame a LOT of heavy oppression on more than one occasion and was actually bullied by many Christians with a righteous attitude telling me I hadn't a clue and was a baby needing more milk. I have clearly said many times before and stand firm on the fact that I openly welcome gallons of milk to wash down any meat that my Father chooses to feed to me - Holla Hallelujah =D 

 The beauty is that GOD ALMIGHTY - maker of heaven and earth has, later on in HIS timing given me answers to situations that I had stood firm about against many hundreds at some points, including the titled and formally appointed. Hallelujah The scriptures tell us clearly 'Am I to please God or man', so, if we feel something so, so strongly in our spirit NO MATTER WHAT people or situations or circumstances tell on the surface, then we must fight hard to hold tight and stand bold and firm to what we know is true. 

 I do not now and and will not ever humour people with grand titles. I've seen many so called Pastors/Apostles/Evangelists sinning and falling and the fact is that we ALL fall short of the glory of God. Some of the most Holy people I know go simply by their own names, and, at the end of the day - Jesus didn't use any fancy titles!  

This is a walk of LOVE - simple as that -Love is the key in every conceivable situation. I don't need to force-feed anything to anyone as I am nothing on this huge earth and the scriptures are there for us to seek and find in our own walks on a personal level with our Lord; a reason also, that I ALWAYS ask people to refrain from scripture feeding, if they start it with me personally. GOD ALMIGHTY will lead me where He wants me, to be to read what He wants me to, in His time and ways and not other's well meaning intentions, but, rest assured - HIS LOVE endures forever and we are blessed with new mercies each morning. Just always remember to repent before prayers and try hard as we go along, working out our salvation daily. No condemnation - 

 Be blessed y'all love me n Jesus.

Word Rap

June 28, 2012 at 1:58pm

People! All types, tall, short, blacks whites
In a world of greed, come heed! His word, ain't ya heard?
Word of God, backbone for life! S'allright
Safety there, with care, be brave - our God saves!

 Reality, all night. toss, turn, how to make right
A world of pain, no gain, I said - His word - ain't ya heard!

Notions - all types, fake, lame! False smooths
World of sin - get in and read some truths

 People are obstinate obstacles who cause their own mistakes
And to live and walk every day day by faith is the best way to stay safe
To embrace belief and to soak it in and go forward with the Lord
And we failed, but so, we can get back up and reclaim that one accordFor the love of God
A forever thing
Is a solid rod
If you need to cling
You can hold on tight
In the day and night
He will pick you up
When it's gone too tough
And he understands
Coz he got the whole world in his blessed hands!
Falling, all kinds doubt, fear blinds
Bind it - use the Word - aint ya heard  Enemy -out!

Copyright (Miss Pepper 2010,CLD Official)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Genesis 1:21 and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Once upon a time there was me, stuck in dire, horrific pain that I believed would surely kill me from the deep trauma within.

As I sat on my bed, looking into the clouds - an often past time (as God shows me much through clouds - Hallelujah); I knew that to kill pain, my only option was to pull out blessings from where there seemed to be none. Well, since I began, I have always said thank you for the birds and flowers Father - just something I do and always seemed to have done from being tiny. I have often also thought that God speaks to me through the birds. I write in solace and I own peace, (in HIM), knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, to coin a flesh phrase, that this is my walk alone, and we are unique individuals made perfect in HIS image. Wow - how blessed is that fact alone!!!

Quite naturally, some birds came and sat on a chimney outside of my bedroom on a roof and I instantly knew what GOD was showing me. This could absolutely seem insignificant to the reader - it did to me, and I didn't write it down as is customary for a lot of my life and growth experiences, however, (GLORY HALLELUJAH), because that very night at church, the preacher took the stand. I was about to sneak out for a cigarette and God said no! Sit still and listen! He starts to tell a story, he says, of a University somewhere in America. In the middle of the complex, they plant a tiny garden in order to bring some nature due to the location being urban. 

As a natural course of progression, plants, flowers and trees grow and bloom, but the students make many complaints due to the birds faeces. The University council makes a decision to place netting over the top, to prevent the birds entering. Rather quickly, the plants and flowers begin to die off. There is no explanation as the sunlight still enters the area. They decide to experiment and remove the netting and install CCTV. Over time, the birds returned and when watched in slow motion, the plant life was re-establishing as the birds sung.

The birdsong gave the life back to the plants, trees and flowers!

I cried listening to the preacher as I understood that I had just learned two things. Number one, this was confirmation to me, that from before He knew me in the womb, and learned that God communicates with me through birds, this was a double confirmation to me from the previous day, that my line of thought was correct and number two, it was a live manifestation with actual proof of a Biblical truth which is that praise (the birds chirping and singing), creates fresh new life. Hallelujah. Gods created nature speaking life.

This really touched my heart. I have no idea why I've always prayed for birds and am pulled very strongly with a deep love for animals, but, I'm glad that I do.

I claim intellectual copyright on this literature 

July 8th 2014 

Pepper Ferne (CLD offical)