Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Word Rap

June 28, 2012 at 1:58pm

People! All types, tall, short, blacks whites
In a world of greed, come heed! His word, ain't ya heard?
Word of God, backbone for life! S'allright
Safety there, with care, be brave - our God saves!

 Reality, all night. toss, turn, how to make right
A world of pain, no gain, I said - His word - ain't ya heard!

Notions - all types, fake, lame! False smooths
World of sin - get in and read some truths

 People are obstinate obstacles who cause their own mistakes
And to live and walk every day day by faith is the best way to stay safe
To embrace belief and to soak it in and go forward with the Lord
And we failed, but so, we can get back up and reclaim that one accordFor the love of God
A forever thing
Is a solid rod
If you need to cling
You can hold on tight
In the day and night
He will pick you up
When it's gone too tough
And he understands
Coz he got the whole world in his blessed hands!
Falling, all kinds doubt, fear blinds
Bind it - use the Word - aint ya heard  Enemy -out!

Copyright (Miss Pepper 2010,CLD Official)

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