Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Genesis 1:21 and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Once upon a time there was me, stuck in dire, horrific pain that I believed would surely kill me from the deep trauma within.

As I sat on my bed, looking into the clouds - an often past time (as God shows me much through clouds - Hallelujah); I knew that to kill pain, my only option was to pull out blessings from where there seemed to be none. Well, since I began, I have always said thank you for the birds and flowers Father - just something I do and always seemed to have done from being tiny. I have often also thought that God speaks to me through the birds. I write in solace and I own peace, (in HIM), knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, to coin a flesh phrase, that this is my walk alone, and we are unique individuals made perfect in HIS image. Wow - how blessed is that fact alone!!!

Quite naturally, some birds came and sat on a chimney outside of my bedroom on a roof and I instantly knew what GOD was showing me. This could absolutely seem insignificant to the reader - it did to me, and I didn't write it down as is customary for a lot of my life and growth experiences, however, (GLORY HALLELUJAH), because that very night at church, the preacher took the stand. I was about to sneak out for a cigarette and God said no! Sit still and listen! He starts to tell a story, he says, of a University somewhere in America. In the middle of the complex, they plant a tiny garden in order to bring some nature due to the location being urban. 

As a natural course of progression, plants, flowers and trees grow and bloom, but the students make many complaints due to the birds faeces. The University council makes a decision to place netting over the top, to prevent the birds entering. Rather quickly, the plants and flowers begin to die off. There is no explanation as the sunlight still enters the area. They decide to experiment and remove the netting and install CCTV. Over time, the birds returned and when watched in slow motion, the plant life was re-establishing as the birds sung.

The birdsong gave the life back to the plants, trees and flowers!

I cried listening to the preacher as I understood that I had just learned two things. Number one, this was confirmation to me, that from before He knew me in the womb, and learned that God communicates with me through birds, this was a double confirmation to me from the previous day, that my line of thought was correct and number two, it was a live manifestation with actual proof of a Biblical truth which is that praise (the birds chirping and singing), creates fresh new life. Hallelujah. Gods created nature speaking life.

This really touched my heart. I have no idea why I've always prayed for birds and am pulled very strongly with a deep love for animals, but, I'm glad that I do.

I claim intellectual copyright on this literature 

July 8th 2014 

Pepper Ferne (CLD offical)

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